Corporate Events

Corporate Partnerships

The Cellar Door’s corporate partnership has been created to alleviate the inconvenience of planning internal events as well as hosting events for customers. Corporate events at the Cellar Door are always a success. Whether you’re looking for a change of pace, to host an off-site event, or a fun evening out with the team, the Cellar Door will meet your needs.

Give us a call for more information:

(586) 254-1311

  • Great environment to host a Lunch & Learn
  • Cellar Door Team Building Events for your office
  • Unique venue for sales presentations and product displays
  • Entertain your best customers and say Thank You with a special event at the Cellar Door
  • Host a holiday party for your office
  • Take advantage of our audio visual system for your meetings that require technology
  • Shareholder dinners take on a new vide when exposed to our rustic wine themed space
  • Wine Tasting at the Cellar Door has been referred to as an experience from Napa Valley in Michigan
  • If you have an idea for a corporate event, don't hesitate to call us to help customize your event at the Cellar Door

Corporate Team Building Events

Cooking Class

Overview: Hosting your Corporate Team Building Event with a Cellar Door cooking class will leave your employees feeling rejuvenated and motivated! If you’re looking for an event where your team can step out of the structure of Corporate America, ignite creativity, and build communication skills, look no further. Working with our amazing chefs to create a culinary masterpiece will surely deliver a delicious result for all.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Paired cooking stations
  • Hands on cooking with chef tutorial
  • Includes 3 separate courses
  • Wine included for cooking & drinking
  • Ability to customize menu based on food allergies
  • Recipes provided to take home
  • Customized class to offer a competition where prizes are awarded for taste and presentation.

Pricing based on number of participants and menu selection.

Yoga & Wine; Exploring Mind, Body, and Palate

Overview: Sometimes all the team need’s is an opportunity to refresh, regroup, and get focused on the task at hand. Spending countless hours sitting at a desk, driving to work, and always focusing on the next deadline can have negative long term effects on your team’s ability to focus, work efficiently, and obtain goals. Join us at the Cellar Door for an exploration of the mind, body, and palate that will leave your team feeling energetic, stress free, and healthy.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Calm paced class that leaves you feeling more balanced and less stressed
  • Great for all levels of yoga
  • Includes an hour of Yoga followed by an hour of wine and healthy snacks
  • Gentle poses that help to increase flexibility
  • Practice deep belly breathing techniques to breathe into the poses enhancing mind body


  • Perfects Posture
  • Enhances mind body awareness
  • Helps to increase blood flow

Our yoga instructors are certified and have developed classes that are designed for the yoga enthusiast as well as the novice. Their attention to attendee’s needs are their top priority to make sure all enjoy the class.

Wine Tasting


  • Experience wines from the World of Wine Abroad
  • Learn to evaluate wines professionally
  • Learn and enjoy food and wine paring concepts
  • Understand the path of production from the vineyard to your glass
  • Understand the health benefits of becoming a wine consumer
  • Enjoy a slice of Wine Related Lifestyle


  • Lasts for 1.5 hours
  • 10 people minimum
  • Cheese, fruit, and baguettes Included

We look forward to giving you the full winery experience!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Overview: Whether your goal is to get out of the office, increase communication, build camaraderie, stimulate out of the box thinking, or just have a relaxing night of fun amongst your team, look to the Cellar Door Murder Mystery Dinner Party! The Cellar Door’s amazing rustic wine centered atmosphere makes for an unbelievable murder mystery experience for your private event.


  • Enhances team communication
  • Stimulates the ability to "think out of the box" to solve problems
  • Creates a fun environment that helps fuel team cohesiveness
  • Includes a 4 course meal that is customizable for your event
  • Incorporate wine with your events to pair well with your menu selections

Pricing based on group size, menu, and wine selection.

Please call Cellar Door for further details on our corporate team building events: (586) 254-1311